Supporting ASSEFA, India

50 years of Sustainable Development

Since 1968, Association for Sarva Seva Farms (ASSEFA) has helped create thousands of self-sufficient villages in Tamil Nadu (the majority), but also in 6 other states, in alignment with UN's program "Social and Solidarity Economy". From its origins until today, the approach is to fulfill Gandhi’s teaching that uplifting the situation of the hundreds of millions of poor people in India.

As a Lions Club, we feel responsible to support the sustainable development goals, set by the United Nations. We work together with ASSEFA since 2014.

Focus on the children

We are committed to improve the situation of the children all around the world. Therefore our cooperation with ASSEFA is also focusing on the children. Some of our previous projects:

  • In 2014, we have supported a school in Andipuram to build a well to provide clean, drinkable water for the 450 primary school student. In the area, the majority of the people live below the poverty line and many of them have no access to clean water at home. You can find more details in this article.
  • In 2015, our club has adopted two Tamil kids: a (back then) 6 years old girl and a 4 years old boy. We continuously support them financially, but also with some small yearly presents and we are in regular contact with them via letters.

Sarva Seva Sparrows Nest Matriculation School in Iyanarpuram

By purchasing a pair of 'Unitas Mundi' sock, you are supporting the education of 338 primary school pupils and 630 high school students. With your help, the school is able to purchase books for their library: books to improve the subject knowledge, reference books, story books in Tamil and English to improve their reading, writing and spoken capacities, Gandhian books, Dictionaries, children’s encyclopedia, etc.