Our Club

In a Nutshell

The basic idea of Lions Club Unitas Mundi is to be a Lions Club that serves “without borders”. Our members are young Lions promoting hands-on community and humanitarian service without frontiers. The 21 founding and 3 supporting members live in 14 different nations of Europe and North Africa. All of them are or have been very active Leos in their countries for many years and have grown a passion for Lionism. Every new Lions Club is a reason to rejoice, because with every new club there are more people on earth who will help others, following the Lions motto “We serve”.


  • 25. July 2011: Our first club meeting
  • 19. August 2011: Our first real meeting
  • 15. October 2011: Foundation
  • 3. March 2012: Our first Activity
  • 18. May 2012: Official Charter

Visit our offical Facebook page with a lot photos and articles: www.facebook.com/Lions.Club.Unitas.Mundi