Project "Socks"

The inspiration

As all of our members used to be LEO members in the past, we all have some experience with successful projects. In the late 90's / early 00's, the Győr LEO Club (Hungary) realized a similar project already. As the socks are easy to store and transport, it is something which everybody needs regularly, it is an ideal fund-raiser product.

Planning & Realization

After the idea popped up in March 2019, we first created a small work group to plan the details and to manage the production. In the design of the label we got help from a Viennese Lions member, Matthias Kretschmer (Individual Arts).

Distribution - How can I get a pair for myself?

The Unitas Mundi Socks are available during our live activities - stay tuned on our facebook page about the time and location! - or you can contact us via this form.

Scale up!

The project has the opportunity to be scaled up / get extended. If our first charity goal is achieved, we are going to add new ones - this way we can serve without borders together with you!